Customer Service

Customer Service

The Egyptian Pool for Travel Insurance is fully keen on facilitating communication with customers; Therefore, it has created a section for customer service that enables all customers of the pool to get in touch with it via phones and electronic means such as (Tel, Mobile Phone, WhatsApp, and The pool Email), and we are pleased to meet you personally in the pool headquarter; the pool provides a trained team to meet you, answer all your inquiries and to link you with the competent section.

All customers of the pool will be met warmly with flexible dealing and get all questions and inquiries answered.


Please contact us via:

• Phone: +20221241200

•Pool Email:

•Headquarter Address:- 28 Mosadak st, Dokki, Giza

Official Work Hours:

You are welcomed to visit and contact us via phone daily from 8 AM to 4 PM; Friday and Saturday are off.

You can text us via the activated whatsapp number, and you will get answered immediately after receiving your message

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